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The Most Complete Foreign Trade Database at Your Fingertips

Trade Movements

Descartes Datamyne do Brasil offers the most complete foreign trade database in the world – a highly respected business intelligence tool widely used by some of the most demanding global and national companies.

You can drill down and reach the detailed level of each shipment. Also compare market values of various types to create new business opportunities

Datamyne do Brazil  is your solution to access trade data  within your business sector with a reliable and safe control and unification process.

Find and compare market values to create new business opportunities.

Our flexible and easy-to-use business intelligence tool allows you to perform advanced searches using filters such as:

  • Country of origin
  • Business
  • Type of transaction
  • Product details
  • Brand
  • Model
  • And more

You can also perform cumulative and comparative analytics for different periods.

Graphical displays give you a clear depiction of the data as meaningful information. Results can be downloaded into Excel and converted to the format that best fits your needs.

We have a data analysts , data miners specialized in creating reports that are designed to meet complex or unique requirements, saving you time and money.