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Data Specialists

Helen Abdu

My experience in the Commercial Area includes meetings, presentations and sales in general.

“At Datamyne gainged more in depth knowledge of the Import Export Market in Brazil and Latin America.
My main focus has been in sales,negotiation and prospecting.I enjoy working in Businees Intelligence to explore the market evolution.”

Mariane Pereira

Before joining Datamyne I had experiences in Brazil and Europe in different áreas: financial commercial and Logistics. Through this I acquired acknowledge in business and accomplished my academic background. I am bachelor in Business Administration at University Mackenzie in Brazil. Also I have a degree in International Commerce at University of International Commerce in Barcelona.

“I started working at Datamyne in November,2013.Working for Datamyne reinforced my vision of how the world of commerce has become global and to see the connections between countries.In Datamyne you can have access to the most varied markets. The data we provide to our valued customers is really important for their decisions . I know we have much more to learn but I do believe that Datamyne will keep growing as fast as the market. Today we have a last generation application making the customer experience very user friendly .”

Patricia Bianco

Degree in International Affairs, and Master Program with International Marketing Intelligence.
International Experience with import and export between Asian and Latin America markets.
Eight years of experience with negotiation, opening and development of new markets.

“Working for Datamyne allow us to stay in tune with the global market trends and provide our customers valuable competitive gains. We have the chance to improve the global Market trades, and disseminate the concept that we can provide an accurate market analyze as part of our services. This is definitely a current need for our customers.”

Laura Lopez

I have worked at Urunet Mercosur Online since 2008. I am Marketing Analyst and Executive Assistant. I was also trained in Brazil on new Customer Service methods.
I have vast experience in the service sector and 12 years of background in the industry. I have worked for six years exclusively for the Brazilian market. I speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

“I really enjoy the chance to work on a daily basis with customers both on the telephone and personally, when I visit them at their companies. I train them, answer their questions and I also learn with them. My job is to show them our best products and online tools, so they can use them to satisfy their needs and achieve their goals.”