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Global Industries

Our customers want their strategies driven by the best in global market intelligence

Descartes Datamyne do Brazil works one-on-one with companies across a wide range of industries that operate on a global basis (as well as trade associations, government agencies and NGOs) to help them analyze and apply the global market intelligence that is most relevant to their business strategies.

Our multinational databases allow our customers to shift perspectives smoothly from buy-side to sell-side as they identify and gauge opportunities to enter new markets, target new customers, secure new sources of supply, or outmaneuver their competitors.

Businesses profit from using our data.

Manufacturers use our global market intelligence to find efficiencies in supply and distribution, and scope out export markets.

Importers/wholesalers use our data when supply flows are disrupted by natural disasters, man-made catastrophes or swings in the economy.

Transport and logistics service providers use our data to plan services and allocate resources.

Management consultants use global market intelligence to benchmark performance and evaluate competitive landscapes.

Legal practitioners use our data when contract compliance by trading partners is at issue.

Industry analysts use our data to monitor markets and forecast supply/demand trends in bellwether commodities.

Datamyne do Brazil global market intelligence is especially useful within vertical industries, such as the Chemical, Energy and Food and Beverage industries.
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