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Industry Sector: Food and Beverage Industry

Gain unique insights into products, suppliers, markets and competitors.


Having the latest market intelligence is vital to your company’s ability to keep pace with innovation, regulatory compliance and changes in consumer demand. Our international team has built the world’s largest searchable database of import-export transactions related to your industry. Make us your source for detailed information on the global trade flow of foods, beverages, ingredients, flavors, additives, dietary supplements and nutraceutical.

  • Find new suppliers

Identify and qualify sources for ingredients used in foods and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.

  • Uncover market opportunities

Gauge supply and demand in international markets and identify active buyers.

  • Manage supply chains

Control costs, hedge against price swings and supply interruptions, and strengthen    negotiating positions.

  • Sharpen strategies

Feed your business models with the latest, authoritative, detailed data imports and exports.

  • Track competitors’ shipments

See competitive import activity and sources, with details on shippers, cargos,   quantities, dates and logistics.

  • Protect your brands and IP

Leverage global intelligence to spot irregular trade activity or supplier non-compliance and protect your intellectual property rights.